We believe that young people can have better professional realization if hand given and supported through tne modern world with unlimited opportunities for education and professional implementation! 

We believe that it is never late to follow your dreams!

We believe that everybody deserves  good job with proper payment, bringing him satisfaction, stability and self confidence!

We believe that the profession choice is one of the most important choices in the contemporary life of every person.  This choice must be simultaneously pragmatic and emotional, independent but not isolated from the environment, consistent with the future, but not compulsory forever!

We are convinced that time is precious resource, and our services have to be flexible, with high quality, consistent with the personal needs of the client.


The Centers' team includes psycologists, pedegogues, certified as career consultants with big experience in the fields of  professional orientation and career consultation. They keep their skills and abilities updated by participating in different national and international courses and projects. One of the main objectives of Know and Can Center is to assure flexibility of the  given services, high professionalism, confidence of the personal data, tracking the results and feedback.

By keeping close connections with foreign organizations working in the same field of career consulting, as well as being in touch with the local governmental structures gives the team the opportunity to be well informed and highly professional, to be innovative, effective and present high quality services.





 Rositsa Stoeva

Rositsa Stoeva has graduated from 91st German Language School and later graduated from Sofia University  "St Kliment Ohridsky" with speciality Psychology.  She is a school psychologist and a member of the Positive Psychotherapy Society in Bulgaria. She has a certificate for working with the method of personal and group Positive Psychoterapy. Since 2008 she works as a career consultant with Global Career Development Facilitator (GSDF)- Bulgaria international certificate. Her interests include sport, folk dances, fashion and travelling.




Verzhinija Traikova


Verzhinija Traikova has graduated in Philosophy in Sofia University "St Kliment Ohridsky". She works as a pedagogical advisor and and is a philosophic cycle subjects teacher in 119 secondary school in Sofia. She is a certified family consultant and a professional orientation consultant. She has taken part in more than 15 national and international programs connected with professional orientation and consulting, innovations in nonformal education. Her interests include sport, travelling, movies, books.

Rumyana Shalamanova




Maya Tsvetanova

Maya Tsvetanova has graduated as MS in Philosophy and Public Relations in Sofia University "St Kliment Ohridsky". She has worked as a Philosophy Cycle subjects teacher. She has also worked as a trainer and project coordinator in Know and Can Association. She has taken part in a lot international projects, financed by European programs. Her interests include cookery, travelling, poetry.