Frequently asked question

I have a job but am not satisfied with it. Can you help me?

Yes! Career consultation is a service targeting not  only people for whom the profession choice is upcomming, but also those who are not satisfied with their current professional realizationt without making age difference.


What is the difference between the career consultation and the HR agencies activities?

Career consulting specialists will help you to determine your strenghts and weaknesses, which professional spheres are suitable for you and will recommend you additional qualification courses if needed for the certain job. We do not select people for a job!  HR agencies will help you if you know what you would like to work, providing you with information about the companies and job position. 


How can I pay?

We offer different payment opportunities. After registration enter the payment options window and mark one of the possible options (bank transfer, Easy Pay,Pay Pal, card payment).On Level 3 there is also a cash payment possibility on the meeting with career consultant. 


Will my parents be informed about the results of the consultation?

No. The information get during the career consultation sessions is confidential, and the consultant does not have the right to share it with third parties, with the exception in cases concerning the live and health of the client or other people. 


Career consultation aims only the right choice of a profession or you can help me with the University choice?

The educational choice is directly connected with the further choice of professional field. Specialists in the Center have a big variety of tools to help you for making the right decision for both - education and profession.

Level 1

Make fast, free and funny test for personal perception.

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Level 2

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a profession consultant!

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Level 3

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a professional consultant!

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