Know & Can EOOD (SMLLC) is a company registered in the Commercial Register with UIC 202644444.
Know & Can is a legal entity with headquarters and address of management: Sofia 1504, Evlogi Georgiev Blvd 52, official website: The object of the business activity of the company is laid down in the Company's Articles of Association and it has been promulgated in the Commercial Register.
Know and can and your personal data:
The protection of the personal data of any client, vendor or, in general, a contractor is of utmost importance for Know and can Association. For this reason the necessary technical and organizational means have been taken to protect them, part of which is also the current Privacy Policy.
The data protection policy of Know and can Association has been prepared and based on the legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria.
What to understand out of “personal data" and "processing of personal data”?
 "Personal data" are any information by which, a physical person can be identified directly or indirectly by one or more attributes characteristic for his personality - such as: name, ID / PIN, contact details - location / postal address, phone number, email address, online identifier / IP address, etc. These signs may be part of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of the individual.
 "Processing of personal data" is the set of actions performed with personal data or a set of personal data such as collecting, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting or changing, retrieving, consulting, using, disclosing by transmission, dissemination or another way, through which the data becomes available, arranged or combined, limited, deleted or destroyed.
We collect the following Personal Data as part of our Services:
Login details in the platform( name, surname, personal password for the profile, age, gender, phone number, email, education, job);
The mentioned data is used for high quality presenting, the offered by the platform services connected with professional orientation and career consultment, planning of personal consultations, etc.
Why we process your personal data:
The main purpose, for which is performed processing of personal data for individuals is their identification in an undeniable way in touch with the implementation of legally established functions of KNOW and CAN- service for the client counterparties of the firm, as well as ,with the job of the firm on projects in national and international level.
We use and process Personal Information for some of the following puposes:
(i) Conducting the registration process of the client (including children) in Downtown;
(ii) Offering and using accompanying goods and services;
(iii) Advertising and marketing of our services through social platforms, marketing campaigns, etc .;
(iv) Storage and management of your data;
(v) Analyses to improvement and customization of our Services;
(vi) Internal accounting and quality control
(vii) Internal and external audits in the cases provided by law
Principles we are guided by and which we observe:
Personal data is not collected on its own and without limitation. Know and can Association strictly observe the basic principles introduced as mandatory in the process of personal data: lawfulness, good faith and transparency, expediency and accuracy, proportionality, accountability, integrity and confidentiality.
We may share and disclose Personal Information with the following recipients ("Recipients"):
(i) Trusted third-party service providers who: (a) Assist us in our business operations and marketing campaigns; (b) store or process information on our behalf; or (c) perform research and analysis on our services;
(ii) Auditors of our business processes and potential buyers or investors;
(iii) National and European institutions that finance the activities under the projects in the firm, for which its objectives are reporting for gathering information (such as: lists, protocols, memoranda, etc.) containing the contestants personal data in these projects and activities.
Personal data may be used and disclosed if there is a good faith belief that disclosure of such information is necessary for:
(i) Compliance with the applicable legislation;
(ii) Implementing our policies and agreements;
(iii) The examination of our defense rights against legal claims;
(iv) Protection of the property or safety of us or our students with the law enforcement institutions.
Storing information, which we gather for as long as needed, in order to provide the Services, to keep our legal obligations, for solving disputes and applying aggreements.
What are the company's clients and contractor’s rights in regard to personal data?
While collecting and processing personal data, clients and contractors of Know and Can are entitled to:
Information about the processed personal data and access to personal data collected for you and your company;
Correction / completion if data is inaccurate / incomplete - on your own initiative or on our own initiative;
Erasure of personal data, in the presence of legal grounds for it;
Restrict the processing of your personal data by Know and Can in the presence for legal grounds for that; An objection to the processing of your personal data, if there is provided legal grounds for doing so;
Right to defend by law or administrative order, in case of your rights being violated.
You may protect your rights either personally or through a proxy by submitting a written application to the Manager of Known and Can Association in the office of the company, by post, via a licensed postal operator or electronically signed with a qualified electronic signature.
Your personal data is stored with us in accordance with the purpose for which it was collected and within the statutory deadlines
When can we disclose your personal information?
We take measures to ensure enough safety in services of personal data. We use standard procedures and policies in the industry which prevent the forbidden usage of personal data. Although we apply significant efforts to protect information, we do not guarantee that this will prevent the illegal access or exploitation of our Services, since we cannot be responsible for such acts or consequences of them.
It is possible for your personal data to be disclosed in the circumstances provided by the law. For example, with your explicit consent, or with the permission of the Privacy Commission, your personal data may be disclosed to third parties. It is also possible to disclose personal data where this is provided by law and by request of the court or investigative bodies (police, investigations, prosecutors) and other state authorities when this is necessary. It is possible, when necessary or appropriate, to provide your personal data for national security purposes or for issues of public concern
For more information about privacy and privacy policy, alerts, suggestions, and other questions, you can contact the company through:
On 02 943 40 55, every working day from 9.00am to 17:30pm
The Official Website -
E-mail address:
The policy was approved by Order No. 4 of 25.05.2018 of the company's manager.



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