Very often when you apply for a job, in the list of documents there is not only a CV but a Cover Letter.

The Cover Letter provides a lot of additional information about you and if you have weaknesses in the CV, the Cover Letter can make them acceptable for the future employer. That is why the Cover Letter has to be used correctly. If you have skills gained by practical experience not during the educational courses here is the right place to mention them. 

The Cover Letter has several main goals:

  1. To prove to the future employer that you have advantages over the other candidates;
  2. To express in examples your competences and skills – how exactly you have used them in your previous work experience;
  3. To focus on how you with your skills and ideas can contribute for the successful development of the intended job position (have in mind thet the employer is more interested how you can contribute to the overall success of the company);  
  4. There is the place to add some information concerning your biography;
  5. To demonstrate good motives for applying for this job;
  6. To make a good impression together with the CV and get an invitation for an intervview;

Due to these reasons do not underestimate the role of the Cover Letter. 

We offer you a video instruction which will help you prepare your Cover Letter.

This service gives you 8 hour access to this video with unlimited number of viewings. In the video there is a practical manual for preparation of a good and successful CL.

This service also includes the opportunity of the client to ask three questions connected with the preparation of the CV. Our experts will answer these questions.

An appointment with a professional consultant can be organized for additional payment. At the meeting you will get answers for all of your questions concerning the preparation of the CV. 

After the payment (there are multiple payment methods) you will receive an entrance code for the system, giving you the opportunity to watch the video.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us. You can find all our contacts on the main page.


Please pay attention to the fact that by choosing more than one service you can get a discount which will be automatically generated. Make sure you mark all of the services you want together in one session.



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Opportunity for a personal meeting with a professional consultant!

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