Professional orientation may have an extremely important role for the youths in a school age. Their future realization in the labour market depends on lots of factors one of them is the correct choice of the next step of education, corresponding to both their wishes and interests, but also with their personal possibilities and skills. The role of the career consultant working with youths is facilitate them in identifying their knowledge and skills collected until now, and thus to define the targets and steps to be taken for their future development; to support the youths in realistic overview of their real possibilities in front of them, including the presentation of  professions they do not have an information about, to collaborate them about the way how to look for and find information and to reach alone the right choice of  the correct educational, study and in the future employment decision.

Consultants in Know and Can Center have a great experience working with kids and youngsters and are highly motivated in helping the young people on their way to successful realization. For these purposes the consultants use different tools. Some of them are the online testq, consultation in the office led following international standards and giving the opportunity for reaching good results. Students can use one of the two consulting options:

 Level Two

Shortened program for professional orientation (consultation with career specialist, after it you will receive career assessment). The meeting can be held personally with 60 minutes duration, or online with 90 minutes duration.  For determination the type of the consultation (personal or online) and making an appointment for the meeting please contact us. Full contact list can be found on the front page of the web site.

Level Three

Extended professional orientation program (three meetings in one of the Sofia offices of the Center with career consultant 60 minutes each).

* After predetermined call on our contacts (contact list on the main page of the web site) we offer:

Group consulting for one age students

Level 1

Make fast, free and funny test for personal perception.

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Level 2

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a profession consultant!

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Level 3

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a professional consultant!

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