Career consulting originated in the USA in the nineties of the previous century. In many cases making a correct decision about the choice of profession is not an easy task and a help from professional is needed. 

The choice of  professional sphere is one of the most important choices to be done in anybody's life. Professional development is an aggregation of knowledge, skills and habits and the possibility to use them to assure higher life standard.

Professional orientation is a process of personal support, guidance and facilitation when making a decision about the right profession. 

Career development have a lifelong cycle. The orientation in the rich professions worlds is just a part of the career consulting. 

The choice of profession is a self-acquainted process. That is why the process of professional orientation is a process of personal support, guiding and facilitating aimed to help the choice of the most suitable profession development.

Know and Can career consultants have developed programs for professional orientation appropriate for the age of the candidate. As far as the career is a process defined by the environment and individual personality, the career specialists find the compliance between job, motivation, knowledge and skills personally. The programs themself present a system of assessment of the personal potential and motivation in a connection with different profession areas, suitability, temper and manner.

Professional orientation is important and applicable for both students and adults. As early started  ( 13-16 years of age), than better. Very often the parents take active part in the secondary school educational type choice and even in the university choice, without having in mind, that the chosen professional guidance could not be the correct one, with no development perspectives. In other cases the choice is just a random one.


The platform gives you the opportunity to go through three levels.

Level One

Free of charge online test with two possibilities - for students (suitable for all secondary schools 16-18 years old), and for adults (19 year and over). You will receive the results from the test instantly after you complete it.

Level Two

Shortened program for professional orientation (consultation with career specialist, after it you will receive career assessment). The meeting can be held personaly with 60 minutes duration, or online with 90 minutes duration.  For determination the type of the consultation (personal or online) and making an appointment for the meeting please contact us. Full contact list can be found on the front page of the web site. Consultation is suitable for both student and adults.

Level Three

Extended professional orientation program (three meetings in one of the Sofia offices of the Center with career consultant 60 minutes each). Suitable for both students and adults.

For students

This test is suitable for all students.


For adults

This test is suitable mainly for adults 18 years and higher. 


Level 1

Make fast, free and funny test for personal perception.

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Level 2

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a profession consultant!

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Level 3

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a professional consultant!

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