Complete profession assessment


Career assessment elaboration is a time consuming process, including four main phases: prognosis, differentiation, investigation and assessment. One of the biggest advantages of the personal career consulting is the personal face to face meeting between the client and the consultant, the possibility to apply not only the standard tests but different psychological methods like a standard interview and questionaries. They are a closed type and define the personal sphere of interests and professional areas, in which a successful realization is possible. Some of the methods help in a psychologigal type elaboration of the client and are connected withe the possible alternative choice. The consultation will be held in a secure, facilitating and friendly atmosphere.

The client recieves personally in the Know and Can office or via email his written, personal career assessment unique for him.

The consultation takes place in three meetings:


First meeting –  60 minutes duration

  1. Client and consultant presentation.
  2. Defining the way the consultation will be held.
  3. Standard interview.
  4. Practical tasks for the client  with self-acquaintence purpose.

Second meeting – 60 minutes duration

  1. First meeting practical task assessment analysis and index evaluation of creativity and enterprise.
  2. Formal assessment methods - fulfilling two questionaries for interest sphere and profession realization areas determination and psychological type elaboration of the client.
  3. Informal assessment methods (projective methods), aiming additional information for the psychological profile of the client.

Third meeting – 60 minutes duration

  1. Submit a written individual career assessment to the client.
  2. Assessment discussion and questions.
  3. Non formal method.
  4. Submit a practical information for skills development.
  5. Feedback from the client.

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Price: 105 BGN (one hundred and five BGN)


Level 1

Make fast, free and funny test for personal perception.

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Level 2

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a profession consultant!

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Level 3

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a professional consultant!

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