On the 1st October 2014 the Center for information and professional orientation Know and Can started its activities! Independently by your age, education and profession, or where you are, you can try our services. If you want we can support you with information about the most suitable for you professions or consult you if the one you are dreaming on is the one where you have the potential to develop successfully. If you have doubts about the current professional area do not hesitate to get our consultation before making the decision to keep in it or to change it.


You can choose from several prepositional options:


Online professional orientation and career consultation and/or face to face meeting with a professional in one of our offices in Sofia.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly and sympathetic team of professionals! Think about your better future!

Level 1

Make fast, free and funny test for personal perception.

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Level 2

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a profession consultant!

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Level 3

Opportunity for a personal meeting with a professional consultant!

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